(Updated 8/17/2022)

Synhouse (the company that runs Synclav.com) has a large inventory of pro audio hardware, pro video hardware, and studio accessories and supplies. Most of what was for sale has been sold, but a few large purchases have recently made, leaving some items surplus to company needs. 

There is far more than is listed here, if you don't see what you are looking for, mail to:

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Listed below from A to Z:

Ampex DST-600s
as rare, as expensive, and as powerful as a data backup tape machine can be, this company has an Ampex DST-600s that is in mint condition, a zero-owner machine with many one-of-a-kind extras, purchased directly from the Ampex factory
(please do not e-mail questions about this unless you are the end user with money in hand)

3M Digital Mastering System (32-track and 4-track as used by Steely Dan/Donald Fagen/Roger Nichols) 1981 service manual

including fold-out schematics

Dolby noise reduction processors and parts
including A-type and SR Spectral Recording

IRIG Data Recorder Tape Heads from Ampex - Honeywell - Spin Physics/Eastman-Kodak
including record/reproduce heads for Ampex, Honeywell, and Thorn EMI data recorders

Mitsubishi X-80 recorders, parts, and digital domain archiving and transfer services for X-80 tapes

Otari analog recorders and parts
including over 100 brand new cards, see the detailed list here
(1/4" MTR-10 machine might be available, plus loads of tested good spare cards for MTR-10 and MTR-12 machines)

pro audio cables and snakes
including Belden Brilliance, Canare, Gepco, Mogami, and Project Patch High Definition cables with ELCO, EDAC, G&H, Neutrik, and Switchcraft connectors

pro audio cable and audio snake cable (bulk)
including Belden Brilliance, Canare, Gepco, Mogami, and Project Patch High Definition

pro audio connectors
including ELCO, EDAC, G&H, JAE, Neutrik, and Switchcraft connectors

Sony PCM3324 24-track digital recorder parts
including an RM-3310 remote/autolocator

Sony PCM-3348 48-track digital recorder parts
including tooling for making Mogami audio snakes for the PCM-3348

Studio wall panels and mic boxes
including most of the wall panels from The Enterprise

Tascam digital recorder parts
including sync and control cables

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