(updated 5/6/2019)
IRIG Data Recorder Tape Heads
from Ampex - Honeywell -
Spin Physics/Eastman-Kodak

High Performance Magnetic Tape Heads in MINT Condition


$99 per set
$149 per pair of record and reproduce heads
(plus shipping)

2/2019: I can sell the entire remaining Ampex stock I have from the
Quantegy factory for $600 plus shipping.

Another $100 would include the remaining Spin Physics and Honeywell stock,
to be shipped in a second box, as it has the wooden
carrying case with the service/alignment jig in it.

Synhouse has the world's largest stock of high performance magnetic tape heads for IRIG data recorders from Ampex, Honeywell, Thorn EMI, and others.

There are 32 sets in all.

These must be sold, as Synhouse is in the electronic music business and has no use for them nor the clients for them, they came from the Ampex/Quantegy factory buyout. This stock was/is the entire inventory of data recorder tape heads from the Ampex/Quantegy factory where they were kept as spares or used to certify the quality of brand new tape stock.

Every single piece of each set is in absolutely brand new, flawless condition, and nearly every set has full documentation/log sheets showing the exact hours of use. All are low hours or no hours and the dates of use are mostly from 1986 through 1995. All head sets are in the original factory padded foam boxes.

The sets here include tape heads made by:

Ampex (click to see photos of the head sets in stock)

Honeywell (click to see photos of the head sets in stock)
(click to see updated inventory list with part numbers)

Spin Physics/Eastman-Kodak (click to see photos of the head sets in stock)

Separate from everything else on this page, a HUGE lot of heads came in with a
buyout of a major reconditioner of magnetic heads in late 2013, they have been
packed in the dryest part of the Synhouse warehouse all the years since, don't
know when time will permit taking some photos and listing some part numbers,
but here's a few quick photos to give you an idea what's in there.
(click to see 9/2013 photos of the newest lot of heads in stock)

Lots of heads for the Ampex TM2 (TM-2) here:
(click to see 5/2019 photos of the newest lot of heads in stock)

There are complementary sets of both record and reproduce head sets for most head types.

These record and reproduce heads fit many different data recorders. This certainly includes the following recorders because the boxes are marked as such and/or because the Ampex/Quantegy factory had multiples of each of these models in use:

Ampex FR1200 (FR-1200, two different types)

Ampex FR3030 (FR-3030)

Ampex TM2 (TM-2)

Honeywell model Ninety-Six (Honeywell 96)

Thorn EMI

These heads might also work for the following recorders:

Ampex FR1400 (FR-1400)

Ampex FR3025 (FR-3025)

It is up to the buyer to determine compatibility.

One photo layout of two of the sets was done to provide an example of the exceptional quality and condition of this merchandise.

Here is a page of photos of two of these sets:

Ampex IRIG-type 25 mil 28-track record and reproduce tape heads for 1" recorder

It would take days to photograph all these sets of tape heads individually, so that will not be done.

From looking at the numbers on the boxes, there are, among others:

1/2" 25 mil 14-track

1" 18 mil 42 track
1" 25 mil 28-track
1" 25 mil 4mhz (28-track?)
1" 50 mil (14-track?)

Some of the tape heads are PCM type.

There is also one test/setup/service fixture/carrying case with machined aluminum plates, it holds two boxes of Honeywell heads in it, see the Honeywell photo link above for that.

Everything shown is in stock as of 2/2010, and are available individually, in pairs, or as an entire lot at a discounted price.

If you have questions or requirements, send an e-mail to mail2010@synhouse.com

(inventory location: S6, rear left, above Tag 19)

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