(updated 2/18/2010)

This is a very rare---and very perfect---pair of matching, consecutive serial numbered Ampex headstacks for an IRIG-type 25 mil 28-track 1" recorder.

They are like new in the original foam padded Ampex shipping cartons.

The boxes are marked as being for the Ampex FR-3030, but I believe they might be compatible with other types of machines, such as the FR-3025. This is up to the buyer to determine.

The heads for sale here are 28-track interlaced head assemblies with 14 odd numbered tracks on one side and 14 even numbered tracks on the other side. There is one pair of record heads and one pair of reproduce heads. Each is mounted on the triangular aluminum base block with the round knob that slides it into place.

These heads have matching, consecutive serial numbers with matching documentation of the hours used:

These heads include full documentation of their use in the Ampex factory:

Ampex 28-track record/reproduce heads in better condition with better documentation will not be found anywhere.

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