(updated 9/7/2015)

This is an overall view of the lot of Honeywell tape heads in stock at Synhouse:

Here is a second view to show the markings:

Here are all the boxes opened up:

Here is a carrying case that holds two sets and has some sort of service/alignment jig in it:

Here are some photos of some 1/2" 25 mil 14-track sets:

Here are some photos of some 1" 25 mil 28-track sets:

Here are some photos of some 1" 18 mil 42-track sets:

They are like new in the original foam padded Honeywell shipping cartons.

I believe these were all used on the Honeywell model Ninety-Six data recorder, but they might be compatible with other types of machines, such as Thorn EMI, etc.. This is up to the buyer to determine.

  Honeywell data recorder record/reproduce heads in better condition will not be found anywhere.

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