(updated 9/26/2017)

It is believed that these tape heads might be used for the tape drives of the Kodak EktaPro system (EktaPro 1000, Intensified Imager, 4540 EktaPro High Speed Video Camera).

As of 9/26/2017, the following Spin Physics tape heads are in stock:

Spin Physics part number 203818

(all others have been sold)

This is an overall view of the lot of Spin Physics/Eastman-Kodak tape heads in stock at Synhouse:

Here are some closer views to show the open boxes, tape head sets, and documentation:

They are like new in the original foam padded
Spin Physics/Eastman-Kodak shipping cartons.

I do not know which data recorders used these Spin Physics/Eastman-Kodak tape heads. If you know, please write to tell me.

The compatibility is up to the buyer to determine.

Spin Physics/Eastman-Kodak data recorder record/reproduce heads in better condition will not be found anywhere.

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