(updated 4/19/2015)
Dolby Noise Reduction Processors and Parts

I had a huge inventory of Dolby gear, more Dolby gear than anyone, but most of it sold pretty quickly. I will be getting rid of the last of it shortly, and I will also be selling a few very nice Dolby machines that were used here or reserved for company use and are no longer needed.

I will be selling a 363 frame loaded with two Cat. 300 SR/A,  possibly an ultra rare Dolby Cat. 35 NRM test set to test Dolby Cat. 22s (in brand new, MINT condition), some Cat. 44 and 44H interface modules, one 24-track frame, some Cat. 231 bypass modules, all tested good, plus a box of Dolby stuff that was separated from the rest because it tested bad.

More items will be listed as soon as I can get to it.

Update 4/19/2015:

Most of this has been sealed in some of my 300+ flight cases in dry storage without a touch or even a glance since 2006 or so, so I will go ahead and list some of it below. I have listed items that I believe to be in stock (if my documentation is correctly updated), though there is a slight chance that some of it might have been sold and not recorded.

Inventory of Dolby Laboratories products:

Cat. 22 Single A-type noise reduction
(more than anyone, tested good) (+3 with the three Cat. 43s) (+ many more that tested bad, you can get those at a really good buy)

Cat. 35 NRM tester

Cat. 43 Post production sound processor for 360 series processors (an ultra classic, still the best, a 43B card with XLR cable and control panel with 43A fader board, also have extra parts)

Cat. 44 Interface module (for M series multitrack frames)

Cat. 44H Interface module
(for MH series multitrack frames)
(more than anyone)

Cat. 47 Service Module (Bypass module MH studio NR unit)
(only 1 left, probably won't sell, still using M16 frames here)

Cat. 231 Bypass board for XP / SP series
(a few left)

Cat. 280 SR Spectral recording module (works in 361 frame and ???)
(supposed to have two in my 361 frames, but I haven't seen them in a while)

Cat. 300 Single channel Dolby SR/A decoder module for 363 series frames only
(sold a LOT of these, think I only have six left since 6/16/2009, and I have the three 363 frames to go with them)

(the Cat. 331 Dolby A-type noise reduction module for XP and SP series are all sold out)

361 1RU frame
(at least a few, but some are still in use here, and people tend to want to pay a price that doesn't even cover the work that goes into them, and I don't care how much untested frames with broken switches go for on eBay, I don't buy or sell trash like that)

(the Cat. 431 Dolby SR-type noise reduction module for XP and SP series are all sold out)

Dolby Tone Monitor Speaker Volume Control A2PM836 (might also be called a Cat. 45 or Ser. No. 45, goes in the lower right slot of M and MH series multitrack frames)

(I think the DBX K9-22 Single channel DBX Type I module for Dolby frames were sold out, but then I found that I still had two more, super rare and groovy)

Synhouse had a total of 477 Dolby products in stock ten years ago, the above is a fairly complete listing of what is still in stock and not needed for internal company use.

I have a huge box of have box of broken Cat. 22s,  44H,  and one 280.

Please inquire if you have requirements for any of the above.

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