(updated 2/18/2010)

Synhouse (the company that runs Synclav.com) has a large inventory of pro audio hardware, pro video hardware, and studio accessories and supplies. Most of what was for sale has been sold, but a few large studio purchases have recently been made, leaving some items surplus to company needs. There is far more than is listed here, if you don't see what you are looking for, send an e-mail to mail2010@synhouse.com to inquire about it.

These parts were acquired along with NED systems, mostly in studio buyouts and liquidations. They cannot be tested here, so they are sold as-is. The best possible description is given below:

Mitsubishi X-80 and X-80A two-track digital recorder

This is a classic digital mastering machine with passive filters and fantastic sound. If you require a complete machine for archiving or parts to service one of your own, inquire. Synhouse has a number of these classic machines, both complete and salvaged for parts. 

Mitsubishi X-80 and X-80A two-track direct digital transfers for archiving and mastering

Synhouse is probably the only company with the hardware to transfer X-80 tapes to other formats without leaving the digital domain, inquire if you need this service. If you believe that this is incorrect and you or some other company has the ability to do direct digital transfers from X-80 tapes, please write to the address above and explain what machines and setup accomplishes this (the X-80 has no AES/EBU or SPDIF ports and predates both specifications by years).

The Mitsubishi X-80 and X-80A
have DUBBING IN and OUT ports that were used for doing direct digital transfers or lossless safety copies between X-80 decks and for connecting to the Mitsubishi DDL-1 Digital Preview Unit that provided the delay required for vinyl mastering.
Synhouse has a special interface that connects to those DUBBING IN and OUT ports and converts the proprietary Mitsubishi digital audio format to AES/EBU and many other digital audio formats.

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