Synhouse drum/synth overlays --- FIVE year anniversary
and still going stronger than anyone else ever has in the history of drum/synth overlays!

As of November 21, 2022, it's been five years now.

Synhouse made a HUGE move into creating the highest quality/most accurate detail overlays in early 2017, investing more time and money than anyone who had come before, more than everyone who had come before COMBINED, the first overlay to come out seven months later was the SP1200 overlay, which hit like a jackhammer November 21, 2017, and the SP-12 overlay, Emulator II main/Moog wheels overlays, SP-12 Turbo overlay, and Moog Source (w/62 real mechanical switches) panel overlay coming out over the next five months. This crushed EVERYONE who had already been out there selling overlays (most of them for approximately three years, since 2014). The one with the website went out of business within seven weeks, the one selling those total garbage fruity blue SP-12 overlays with no window, missing text, and wrong texture/shiny/almost black SP1200 overlays got kicked off eBay within five months, and the one selling those Emulator II overlays where almost everything is wrong (no wonder the photos are dark, blurry, and repeatedly photographed inside plastic wrapping) cut the price 80% and inexplicably changed his eBay username.

So it's been a pretty good five years for Synhouse selling these. Four more Synhouse high quality epoxy ink silkscreened polycarbonate overlays are in the engineering/tooling/production pipeline right now.

The very first of the Synhouse overlays, the SP1200 overlay, has been in stock and shipping quickly every week for the last 271 weeks. Even four years ago at 52 weeks, that alone was an accomplishment that NO ONE ELSE can claim. Everyone else is trying to use the forums to get other people to finance the making of their products with PayPal "preorders", picking out and selling the least bad ones first, then screwing the preorder guys who paid maximum price by cutting the price 50% a few months later and selling out the defective ones (two of them saying they are blemished, one not saying they are blemished...but they are), and then being sold out, then starting back on the forums again trying to get people to pay far in advance again so that they can continue making their "products". It's pathetic.

There's no phony baloney sales pitch here about "IMPOSSIBLE TO GET NOW." (How is it "impossible to get" if it's been for sale in multiple venues for seven consecutive years?), "LAST ONES!", "RARE!", "CLEARANCE!", "SELLING AT COST!" (and the price changes to three different prices while "at cost", uhm, okay...) "WHILE THEY LAST", and "WON'T BE MADE AGAIN.". I'm not one of the idiots who make 10 pieces at a time and are always making countless forum posts about PayPal "pre-orders" and closeout sales.............before pitching more preorders on the exact same trash. The Synhouse overlays are factory made in big quantities, stocked in big quantities, and will be produced again in big quantities when sold out, so there is no need to buy a lot of them because you worry I won't be here, I WILL be here, and I've been here.

Check the eBay feedback, web domain whois, and secretary of state records to see that the eBay account synhouse is now completing the 24th year, the site doing e-commerce is now completing the 24th year, and the corporation (Synhouse Multimedia Corporation) is now completing the 24th year of being registered and in good standing. On all sides of my business from Synclaviers ( site) to Fairlights ( site) to MIDIJACKs ( site), I've got out of business ex-competitors who went out of business and shut down 11 years ago, 14 years ago, even 20 years ago or more, telling people by phone, private messages on forums, and e-mails, "Don't give money to that Synhouse guy, he's really bad!" (Yeah, that's why I'm here and you're not. Suck it, losers.)

The buyers of the Synhouse drum/synth parts include almost every Synhouse competitor in several countries (including the crybabies that say "That Synhouse guy is really mean! He didn't have to say that. Arghhh!"), three have spent over $2,000, five have spent over $1,000, that's a lot of drum/synth parts and they do it because they know who's got the sack.

To the many, many buyers of the Synhouse drum/synth parts: Thanks for your continuing support.

To the haters: Keep hatin' baby! Winners can't win without you.

Thank you.

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