From Synhouse: Moog Source Control Panel
w/62 REAL SWITCHES to Replace Membrane Panel

Completely renew and improve the control panel of your Moog Source with this brand new replacement control panel overlay from Synhouse, with 62 real mechanical switches inside a sandwich assembly based on a flexible PCB with self-stick adhesive laminated to the underside.

Moog Source membrane panels were garbage from day one and anybody knows it. A $99 Sanyo microwave oven at Kmart has a better switch panel than a Moog Source. And in my 39th year of working with electronic music machines, I have yet to meet a single person who likes membrane switch panels at all. Membrane switch panels were just a way to avoid paying for real switches. It's unthinkable that Studio Electronics actually designed NEW instruments with membrane switches in the 90s...Ugh. No taste.

From a slight distance, the new Synhouse switch panel looks like the same old Moog Source control panel, but up close and from a side angle you can see that the brightly colored polycarbonate overlay has been molded (yes, a mold was made for this, Synhouse owns it) with 62 raised rectangular areas that hide the 62 real snap dome mechanical switches inside. The switch mechanisms are most similar to those in the switches of the E-mu Emulator II, SP1200, etc.. The switches move up and down approximately 2 millimeters. They have positive tactile feedback when pressed, but it is a muted sound with a low thunk, not loud and clicky like a VCR switch.

As with all the Synhouse overlay products, it is manufactured of the highest quality polycarbonate and adhesive with crystal clear printing and brilliant colors.

The product in the photos below isn't streaked or discolored, the photos watermarked with faint yellow or green writing that says SYNHOUSE all over it so that you know you are seeing the actual Synhouse Moog Source button panel overlay and not one of the defective crap membrane overlays that have been going around the forums and sales sites for years before this one existed. These are photos of the real Synhouse button panel overlay that no one else sells.

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