Fairlight CMI and Synclavier System Rentals in Los Angeles

Available for rental:

Fairlight CMI IIx with General Interface SMPTE/MIDI
This is a fully serviced system with all peripherals and a huge sound library, packed in four flight cases. The Fairlight IIx w/General Interface is the last word in Fairlights. The CMIs I, II, and III lack the sound and/or connectivity. There is absolutely nothing like it.

Synclavier Systems
Any Synclavier configuration (V/PK velocity keyboard, 100kHz polyphonic sampling/synthesis voices, 100kHz Direct-to-Disk live audio recording, UDIO for transfers in the digital domain, Synclavier II synthesizer voices, Digital Guitar, music libraries, sound effects libraries, etc.) can be configured for any occasion. The Synclavier is still the best sounding sampling/synthesis and multitrack recording system of all time, rent it for use on your important project without having to buy one.

WENDELjr drum replacement system/full drum kit of sounds (the sound of Roger Nichols/Steely Dan/Walter Becker/Donald Fagen)
Any number of WENDELjr systems and sounds can be configured for any occasion. The WENDELjr is still the best triggering, excellent sounding 16-bit sampled drum playback system out there. The ability to track fills, flams, and rolls and play different right hand/left hand samples with unique tunings for each to avoid the machine gun sound is unparalleled. The WENDEL sounds are not just the sound of Steely Dan Gaucho/Walter Becker/Donald Fagen, but was also the bass drum of Nirvana Nevermind, also used for the Arcadia album, used by The Corrs, major sound production companies used it for nearly all metal bands for over 20 years, and Tony Blanc did engineering for Bon Jovi, Chicago, Rihanna, Shakira, Sting, etc. and used the sounds as well. Rent it for use on your important project.

Dolby Cat. 43
The ultimate vintage single-ended noise reduction for television and film use, a complete system with Dolby 361 rack unit and remote control, packed in a small flight case.

Cartage/setup is included with most rental packages (and stairclimbing robots as needed for the location), and programming services are available.

Note: As with renting a car, it isn't intended to be cheaper than owning it, and the car isn't going to be sent to Europe for the rental, then sent back to L.A..
This is intended for Los Angeles special project use (recording session, music video shoot, etc.) only. San Francisco Bay Area rentals are sometimes possible. It is a tremendous amount of work and risk to manage such a rental, and a considerable expense. Anyone who has rented these so far (Stevie Wonder/En Vogue/Beck Hansen/Jon Batiste) could have afforded to buy ten of them on the spot, but didn't need to.

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