About Synclav.com:

     Synclav.com is the Synclavier website owned and operated by Synhouse, well known as the manufacturer of the world's #1 analog MIDI retrofit, the Synhouse MIDIJACK, with customers in 42 countries.

Although Synhouse was incorporated for manufacturing analog multimedia products in 1999, company work experience with many brands of electronic music machines dates back to 1980, and restorations of machines from DKI/Synergy, E-mu, Fairlight, Fender/Chroma, Linn, New England Digital (Synclavier), Oberheim, Simmons, and WENDEL Labs have been a specialty.

After 24 years in business, Synhouse is now the only company in the United States providing Synclaviers, parts, upgrades, service, repair, and support for Synclaviers and Fairlights.

Consider this: Synhouse has continuously been in business, day in and day out, for 24 years, which is already TEN years longer than the original NED company (even if one or two NED reincorporations in VT and NH are counted as one contiguous period in business) and longer than all the other post-NED companies combined. 

Synhouse has far and away the largest inventory of NED systems (50+) and parts in the world. Any system anyone would possibly want to pay for can be built by special order.


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