Synclavier: The Movie
SyncNet in action

Sorry, kids, these are not the best videos. I made them with terrible quality and huge file sizes, the worst of both worlds!

This clip shows how it was all done with the Audio Event Editor before the full color SyncNet applications existed.

This was a great advance over what they had before 1988, but was replaced quickly by the full color SyncNet apps. I actually still use the monochrome screens and control my DTD and sequences in the AEE, but I might not do that if I knew the full-color apps better. They do a lot more virtual stuff, like allowing you to record takes on 100 tracks when you only have 16, it allocates the track space in the background and allows you to "virtually" place that audio where you want it, using the Memory Recorder.

This next one shows EditView running with the Transfermation motion control application running running on top of it.

This is more of the same, but has the note display function turned on so that you can visually see the audio or notes on the tracks

This is more of the same.

This shows one of the many ways to control motion.

This shows another of the many ways to control motion, the VK Panel is doing it.

This shows how you make setups with the MIDInet option.

I hope I can find a video to show me how to make better videos!